Revealing The Benefits of Regular Massage Treatments

Revealing The Benefits of Regular  Massage Treatments

Revealing The Benefits of Regular Massage Treatments

In this blog post we’d like to examine the answers to a popular question we hear: “what are the benefits of regular massage treatments?” For our purposes, we are only looking at the benefits that clients receive from attending a massage therapy session at least once a month for half a year or longer.

Benefit 1: Muscle Relaxation

When you schedule a deep tissue massage or Swedish massage every month, you’re making sure that sore muscles are relaxed on a regular basis. This is extremely important if you deal with soreness from cross-fit workouts or going to the gym, back pain from sitting down at work every day for months on end, or the stresses of daily life.

As we go through our days and encounter stress, we collect a lot of stress chemicals such as cortisol in our bodies; specifically, in our necks and back muscles.  If you’ve ever seen someone’s shoulders raised an inch or two because of anxiety, then you know how much stress can physically affect one’s body. Massages can fight against those negative effects.

Benefit 2: Elevate Your Mood

As your body receives a massage, your brain also receives feel good chemicals such as serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine. These natural neuro-chemicals help you fight anxiety, improve your sleep, and overall elevate your mood.

Nothing will lift you higher than having your every need taken care of, and truly pampering your body through a perfect massage experience.

If you’d like to schedule a session of stress relief and mood improvement for yourself, give us a call at 702-919-7289. Our professional massage therapists can help you pick a massage therapy that works best for you, or answer any questions that you may have about a specific therapy that you are interested in.

Benefit 3: Improved Sleep

We touched on improved sleep benefits in the previously outlined benefit, but we’d like to go into detail as to why a good massage is critical for a good sleeping habit. Just having one massage a month helps your body release serotonin in a regular manner which helps you maintain a regular sleep schedule.

With just one massage a month, you can provide your mind and body with enough positive transformation to begin a snowball effect. It’s relaxing enough knowing that if you have a really difficult day, that you can call us and schedule a massage that can help fight against the negative symptoms of stress.

Benefit 4: Improved Circulation

Our bodies carry oxygen to muscles through our blood and a great way to help the body stimulate that critical blood flow is through regular massage therapy. When you receive a massage, especially a deep tissue massage, you are enhancing your body’s ability to deliver oxygen and other important nutrients all over your body.

With improved circulation you’ll find that you have less back or neck pain, increased muscle recovery time, and an improved overall state of well-being.

Benefit 5: Massages are Extremely Effective for Lower Back Pain Relief

Many Americans are prone to lower back pain which happens because of sitting in office chairs all day, strenuous activities in specific careers, or working out at the gym.

If you overuse your muscles, or don’t use them enough, you’ll quickly find yourself dealing with tension. It’s important to tackle this tension head on through a regular massage.

By scheduling a time for your body to heal and recover, you’ll avoid many unwanted symptoms such as lower back pain, stress, and other issues. Remember that tension isn’t all that bad, because it serves as a “notification” to your mind that you have to take a step back and focus on repairing your body.

The next time you get a shooting pain in your back at work or at home, don’t ignore it or reach for pain killers. It may be time to schedule a natural session that can help reduce your negative symptoms in a safe and enjoyable setting.