How Massages Can Relieve Stress

How Massages Can Relieve Stress

How Massages Can Relieve Stress

Stress is a natural factor of life which does its job to keep us alive. When you react quickly, such as in a traffic instance where you swerve to avoid an object, your body is producing cortisol and adrenaline. This makes it possible to react quickly in the first place, but the trade-off is the reduced blood flow to your digestive system and even immune system.

As any doctor will tell you, stress can cause problems including upset stomachs, unhealthy high blood pressure, issues sleeping, and a weakened immune defense. While our body’s stress mechanisms make it possible to “strain” our bodies in a quick or uncomfortable manner, stress also comes with downsides.

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What Are the Full Side Effects of Stress?

Stress can cause changes in one’s behavior, including but not limited to:

  • Social anxiety or isolation
  • Over eating or not eating enough
  • Increased dependence on alcohol
  • Drug abuse
  • Feelings of anger

The result of the pressure that stress adds to the body manifests itself through mood changes as well, which include:

  • Less focus
  • Less motivation
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Irritability

In the body, stress ends up causing an array of symptoms ranging from chest pains and decreased energy to headaches, insomnia, muscle knots, body aches and pains.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy for Stress

For those visiting or living in Las Vegas, dealing with stress or the results of it on the body doesn’t have to be a reality. Here at Mu Tao Wellness spa, we are excited to introduce you to a life of regular massages that will keep stress at bay and completely transform your outlook on life.

Dealing with stress and muscle tension can be such an overbearing experience that you no longer have to deal with. The research is in all over the world, and it’s been proven that even a single 90-minute massage therapy session can lower your heart rate, help fight high blood pressure, lower cortisol levels, and lower insulin levels. Research continues to show that a massage can relax your muscles, increase the amount of endorphins your body produces (which makes you feel good), and increase the amount of dopamine and serotonin your body releases.

Since stress affects all parts of your body and can cause headaches, fatigue, digestive issues, trouble sleeping, and other negative symptoms, you’ll find that massage therapy is a good antidote to that. If you have a stressful week then you’ll be amazed by how much of that stress you can release, and how much “feel good” chemicals your brain can release, through an effective massage session.

By treating yourself to massage therapy, which is proven to help with many symptoms of other issues you may be experiencing, you are gifting yourself the treatment that you deserve. If you’ve been feeling depressed, anxious, or stressed, then you can gift yourself a wonderful experience that can help melt those negativities and tensions away.

Stress has also been linked by Mayo Clinic to issues such as overeating, alcohol abuse, tobacco use, and social isolation. Knowing this, it’s even more important to make it a priority to reduce or eradicate your stress altogether.

With a good massage you’ll experience better circulation, which leads to a healthier heart. Whether you’re constantly working out and need to help your body release the tensions of cortisol build up, or whether you’re dealing with chronic issues such as digestive problems or fibromyalgia, you can benefit from a massage.

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