About Us


About Us

Mu Tao Wellness spa was inspired by the single belief that everyone should be free of pain and that everyone deserves to enjoy their lives with an optimal body experience.

If you’ve been dreaming of finding the place that offers a full body relaxation and endless massage spa techniques and delights, then look no further.

We’re well known as Las Vegas’s largest Asian massage spa, coming in at 8,500 square feet, and are proud of our reputation in the area as one of the best spas in Nevada. We wouldn’t be able to do it without our great team!

Our staff has years of experience offering a variety of massage therapies to our clients in an impressive range of rooms. These rooms serve as the place that you receive your massage, but also as a place where you are treated to exciting amenities including: refreshments, aromatherapy, pastries, snacks, and so much more. The entire experience of our spa is designed to rejuvenate the body from head to toe.

Our staff which is trained and licensed will make sure you receive the professional massage therapy you expect and deserve. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality spa experience, and as such, our manager is qualified for making it a reality. Our manager has a degree in Hospitality Management, and it is a requirement for all our masseuses to be licensed.

You can be certain that you’re making the right decision in picking up the phone and scheduling a session with us, whether you live in the Las Vegas area or are just visiting and looking for a massage.

The Massage Methods That We Offer

Some of the massage methods we offer for your peace and tranquility benefits include foot reflexology, full body massages, chair massages, Thai shampoo massage, and many more. We also offer body scrubs, facials, and professional skin management.

About Our Spa

Our space is clean and furnished with modern equipment. Upon your visit, you can request a tour of our spa which includes 14 full body massage rooms, 3 couple’s rooms, 2 chai shampoo massage rooms, and a few others that make it all come together; our space features a makeup room as well, in addition to 2 shower rooms, and 20-foot reflexology chairs.

Our Mission and Drive

We are driven to transform the world through enlarging our world and nurturing each other through a peaceful environment. Whether it’s empowering our staff, our introducing a new client to the wonders of massage therapy, we have a commitment to them to make it a warm and positive experience.

With so much turmoil in the world, we know how stressful life can become. So many suffer from lower and upper back pain in the Las Vegas area, and the world. So many more suffer from muscle tension, aches, and knots. Receiving a great massage from a professional is one of the ways that stress can be transformed into something more positive, and knowing this, we’re committed to giving you the best of our focus and care.

In the grand scheme of things, everything is connected. Our intentions, our values, and our great staff are all connected and make it possible to offer a reliable service as a team, time and time again.

We look forward to speaking with you when you give us a call. Our team is happy to take turns answering questions about any specific method that they specialize in, as well as the rooms and amenities that are included.

Schedule a Las Vegas Massage

Are you ready to schedule your massage in Las Vegas or do you want to learn more? Give us a call at 702-998-7676.

We stand by:

Best Masseurs

All of our massage therapy gurus, male and female, have all gone through harsh trainings in their career and excel at all massaging techniques imaginable!

Range of Massage Types

Our Chicago salon features the most diverse and universally fit list of massage types. From intensive sports massage all the way to pre and post natal, or full body…

Flex Schedule

We understand that people rarely have time to go to the massage salon during the working day or week… So we’ work 24/7, on-site and on the weekends as well!

We are the best in:

All our full body massage offers the most complete, all around stimulating massage possible by targeting all major massage areas on the body to promote a balanced state of relaxation!
Deep tissue massage is a therapeutical massage technique which focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles in the human body.
Is the most preferred of all massage types. The wonderfully soothing strokes and manipulations are designed to relax muscles, relieve tension, improve the flow of blood, and stimulate the lymphatic system.

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