Massage Therapy Styles and Health Benefits

Massage Therapy Styles and Health Benefits

Massage Therapy Styles and Health Benefits

With massage therapy having had thousands of years to develop, you’ll find a lot of options to pick from. If you want a massage these days, you’ll find yourself trying to pick from a hundred style that vary in intensity, pressure, strokes, techniques, and values.

For those searching for a quick method to relieve their pain, researching dozens of massage techniques doesn’t sound all that relaxing. To make the process as easy for you, we’ve put together this guide that calls out some of the more popular and beneficial therapies that we offer.

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Note Regarding Injuries

Certain type of injuries, such as dead legs for example, can be made worse with certain types of massages. For example, you would not want to have a deep tissue massage a few days after receiving a mixed martial arts or parkour injury to your back.

If you’re dealing with an injury when you arrive to our spa, be sure to let our front-desk staff or your massage therapist know. With this information they can modify their technique to accommodate your injury, or they can recommend a different style altogether. Sometimes any therapy style may not be appropriate for your injury, and it’s always best for you to come to our spa in person for us to give you the most accurate information.

Deep Tissue Massages

This technique is best used to address stiffness that goes beyond the surface. If you consistently workout or have regular stress that has built up deep within your muscles, tendons, or other tissues of your body, then you’ll want to consider this therapy method.

Deep tissue massages can help relieve chronic pain, and even help with the recovery processes of muscles after experiencing issues such as back fatigue or sprains.


If you’ve seen charts of hands or feet that show how certain areas area connected to parts of the body, then you’re probably aware of the general premise of reflexology. This massage therapy works on that basis that our organs and tissues are all interconnected.

By applying pressure to certain areas of the feet or hands, our professional massage therapists are able to address specific issues within your body that are hard to care for otherwise. Reflexology can act as a “shortcut” to problem areas within your body, but only when you are working with a professional that has experience with this area of study.

Cupping Massage Therapy

At Mu Tao Wellness Spa, we provide both fire cupping and air cupping therapy. Fire cupping is the traditional method, which involves burning material such as herbs, cotton, or alcohol within a cup in order to produce a negative pressure. Once the heat is tolerable, the cup is applied to your skin in order to pull it up and release tension.

Air cupping works in a similar fashion, but no heat is used. Instead, your body is rubbed with an oil so that a silicon cup can be squeezed and applied to your skin. The oil makes it possible for the cup to suction your skin without losing pressure.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage involves multiple massage styles that alternate between short and long strokes. The amount of other techniques included in a Swedish massage is impressive and comprehensive. Don’t be surprised to find your massage therapist tapping certain areas of your muscles or moving your joints. Swedish massages are known for their characteristic approach to using all available and appropriate techniques for relieving tension and rejuvenating your body.

Some of the other techniques included are friction (rubbing), simple gliding strokes to comfort your softer tissues, and petrissage. Petrissage can include kneading of the skin, rolling, and squeezing.

Body Scrub Massage

This method involves the use of a natural exfoliant and moisturizer. The exfoliant will help remove dead skin cells from your body with firm yet gentle strokes, and the moisturizer will ensure that your skin is hydrated and nourished during the session.

Couple’s Massage

A couple’s massage allows partners to receive their own preference of massage, right alongside their partner. At Mu Tao Wellness Spa, we also provide aromatherapy, candle lighting, and soothing background music to make your experience even more special.

Interested in Learning About Other Techniques?

If you’re interested in learning about the other massage techniques that we offer, please give us a call at 702-919-7289. If you’re in the Las Vegas area you can also drop by our spa to learn more about our spa and meet our staff face to face.