Skin Management

Skin Management

Mutao Wellness Spa is proud to offer a variety of skin management services at our massage parlor in conjunction with our body massage and alternative services. No massage spa would be complete without facials, and we offer a variety of skin care solutions to help target your areas of concern.

We also offer body scrubs and paraffin wax treatment service.

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Although facials are often depicted in pop culture as a great way to “pamper” oneself and indulge in feeling good, they serve as so much more for the mind, body, and spirit. There are many benefits of facials that can be easily overlooked, so we’d like to call out these positives and let you examine them in a clear light.

When you understand what a professional facial in Las Vegas will provide for you, and the experience that you can expect from us, it’ll be easier to make a decision on whether it is something that piques your interest or not. We hope that if you have any questions about this massage technique, our staff, or our services, that you’ll give us a call at 702-998-7676. We’re happy to speak with you and provide the answers you’re looking for!

Whether you’re interested in having a facial session by itself or would like to pair a facial with a massage, we’re excited to work with you to help you achieve the inner-bliss that you deserve.

Reduction of Anxiety and Stress

According to a study that was published by the Biomedical Research journal, facial massages activate your sympathetic nervous system and improve your mood. This same research goes to show that a facial massage will also reduce anxiety and stress.

You might be asking yourself how this is possible, and you might be fascinated by the answer. Our faces have hundreds of pressure points that are connected to various facets of your body’s systems. As your face is massaged, the pressure points are stimulated which also affects other organs that they are connected to.

It Fights Effects of Aging

When you get a regular facial, you’ll that the regular cleansing treatment of dead skin cells facilitates the health of new cells and even promote collagen development. By having your dead skin cells removed through a facial session, you’ll find that your skin will feel healthier and look younger.

Facials are a Great Way to Cleanse Your Skin

Our faces come into contact with so many contaminants throughout the day, and our skins are constantly letting small amounts of oil flow to the surface. These contaminants can clog pores, which cause the oil under our skins to become trapped and even inflamed. If you’re tired of dealing with black heads, pimples, zits, and other issues then you might be interested to try a facial session and see how it’ll reduce the chances of these issues or eradicate them altogether!

Don’t try to squeeze zits to clear up your skin. That’s how you end up with scarring, and there’s no reason to go down such a painful path when you have alternatives such as our affordable facials in our Las Vegas spa location!

Increased Blood Circulation and Skin Rejuvenation

When your face’s skin is massaged, your blood circulation is improved which results in cells that are healthier and a face that glows with rejuvenation. Here at Mu Tao Wellness Spa, we use many types of techniques, skills, and products to focus on providing you with the quality skin-rejuvenation that you deserve.

Tighter Skin and Less Bags/Dark Circles

As you age, you’ll find that your skin starts to loosen and droop. At Mu Tao Wellness spa, we offer chemical peels, face packs, lotions, masks, creams, and application of special products that are rich with natural substances stimulate collagen and help tighten your skin again.

We also have products that are specifically designated for the skin under your eyes, which is a lot more sensitive and thinner. As such, our staff will take great care to cover your eyes with cucumbers that contain vitamin K, so that your skin.