Tui Na Massage - 推拿

Tui Na massage – 推拿 , which is pronounced “twee naw,” is a therapy that includes various types of Traditional Chinese Medicine styles. Traditionally, this therapy was designed to holistically address areas of the body that were in disharmony. It uses bodies of acupuncture knowledge as well as meridian system knowledge.

As such, Tui Na practitioners will manipulate “qi” or body energy flow in order to harmonize the yin and yang within the body. They will also apply pressure with their fingers to specific acupuncture points that will stimulate your nervous system and promote rejuvenation all across your body.

What is Tui Na Often Used For?

The most popular use of this massage is a treatment for muscular trauma as well as various musculoskeletal issues. At times, Tui Na is also referred to as “Chinese pediatric massage therapy,” since it can be used on children. Regular acupuncture therapy would not be recommended on children however, because it is not nearly as safe.

You might be asking yourself how Tui Na can use some acupressure techniques, but still be safe enough for children whereas acupuncture therapy is not recommended for kids at all. We cover this question in the next section below.

What Does Tui Na Massage Involve?

Tui Na massage practitioners will use a variety of massage techniques including kneading, pressing, rubbing, and rolling to promote healing, stimulate qi, and enhance the flow of blood. While this massage can look like a regular massage, it is a much different study than a regular massage.

For example, practitioners of Tui Na have to also be trained in Taoist philosophy and martial arts skills. You will find that the general Tui Na massage therapist has a deep knowledge of body work and can deliver these techniques in a well-balanced manner.

By using principles of acupuncture, practitioners are able to improve the body’s energy levels and improve flow of energy through the meridian system. This promotes healing benefits in a balanced manner that is safe enough to be used in children, without the concerns of a stronger technique that only focuses on acupuncture and applying pressure.

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