Zhi Ya Massage - 智雅按摩

Zhi Ya Massage – 智雅按摩

Mu Tao Wellness Spa is one of the leading massage places in Las Vegas that specializes in Zhi Ya massage therapy. Zhi Ya is a Chinese massage therapy that uses techniques of Acupressure to locate points on the feet and body which can be pressed to relieve large muscle groups from strain and stress. This pressure also promotes “qi” or body energy flow throughout the body and enhances the nervous system and body functions’ health.

An increased flow of body energy can lead to many benefits including relaxation, rejuvenated skin, improved cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, better sleep, improved organ health, accelerated injury recovery, and many other positive experiences. In addition to Chinese massage promoting the flow of “qi,” it also promotes the flow of blood which comes with its own benefits including but not limited to: hormone release, an improved immune system, and renewed energy as well as strength.

Zhi Ya Massage in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a massage therapy that stimulates points of your body and nerves in order to relax your body, relieve tension, and improve peace of mind, then you’ll be sure to enjoy the Zhi Ya massage technique.

To learn more about Zhi Ya, Tui na, and the other Chinese massage therapies we offer, be sure to give us a call at 702-998-7676.

Chinese Massage Practitioners vs Western Practitioners

By clearing the blockages of energy flow, Chinese healers are able to help you avoid pain and disease. They do this by identifying areas of your body that are exhibiting inhibited flow, and then they apply pressure with their hands to help relieve those blockages and to restore your healthy circulation as well as “qi” balance.

In Chinese massage, it is popular for healers to address a client’s entire health situation, in a holistic manner, rather than just addressing the symptoms. In the Western model, you’ll find that the healer will often focus on stress relief and relaxation.

Luckily for you, our staff doesn’t limit you to just a therapeutic Chinese massage or a stress-relief modern Chinese massage. Our professional massage practitioners have years of experience and are able to adapt to meet your needs.